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Choosing a .INFO address allows Maine.info to get more traffic than a .com

Maine is known for its jagged, mostly rocky scenery, its dense forests, and delectable Lobsters. The options of activities are endless for tourists of Maine whether hiking up a mountain to camp, sailing or rowing down the coast, or by indulging in the New England culture through Maine’s delicious seafood.

Gary Korn, publisher of Maine.info, wanted to create a website that would provide potential visitors to the state with information on Maine’s culture, cities, islands, and activities. He wanted a site that both visitors and locals could use as a resource for local festivities, restaurants, wildlife, and hotels. He knew he had to choose a short, easy-to-remember Web address that would drive visitors to his site. So he chose a .INFO domain.


Getting a .INFO domain name was an easy choice for Gary. Back when the .INFO top-level domain (TLD) was first launched in 2001, Gary chose Maine.INFO as his domain because it tells viewers exactly what they will find on his site even before they visit. It is a short and easy name to remember so people can visit the Web site again. By choosing a .INFO name, Gary was able to get the exact domain name he was looking for!

.INFO produces results without marketing

.INFO has enabled Gary’s site to rely on organic search engine growth and intuitive traffic.  Maine.INFO attracts between 5,000 and 10,000 pageviews daily without doing any Web or print marketing, far more than other Maine tourism sites such as Maine.com.  “Even compared to the 50 .com States in the United States, maine.info ranks 11th in traffic (according to compete.com),” said Gary Korn. 

Maine.INFO has received thanks from customers for the site’s great services and allows its visitors to add their own comments, experiences and suggestions in their story section. 

As a result of both a great name and an intuitive and interactive site, Maine.Info maintains its top ranking and is now cited by governments, colleges, universities, libraries and other institutions from across the United States and elsewhere as a resource for information on the state of Maine.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010