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Quoi.info is a new kind of site, dedicated to deciphering and explaining the news with no opinions. Just the facts and explanations so that you can understand the news in just a few minutes .

It starts with an essay and than a dozen journalists answer any questions you may have. Politics, society, economy, people, sports, and science ... quoi.info will be present on all topics in the news.  With a dozen questions a day and short, clear answers, the news will be clear to you.

Quoi.info invites you to share your expertise

Quoi.info is a participatory site: your contributions are valued.  You can comment on articles, but also showcase your expertise by offering corrections and improvements to published articles. 

Depending on the number and relevance of your contributions , you get badges increasing your level: amateur, connoisseur and expert.  These badges are available for each of the 14 sections of the site.  When you pick up the badge expert in a field , you can participate in the work of explaining Quoi.info, in collaboration with the editors.  Becoming an expert in fact opens the possibility of submitting articles that, if approved by the team of journalists will be published on the site.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013